Bank Services

After the passage of Gramm-Leach-Bliley in 1999 there have been many financial institutions interested in entering the Commercial Property & Casualty business. This has predominately been in the distribution side of the business.  

Certain financial institutions have found it to be a great revenue source and perhaps more importantly, a way to increase client retention. Others have found it to be culturally challenging. 

Bob Kent was Executive Vice President and COO of Acordia Inc. (the nation's 5th largest commercial broker) during the sale to Wells Fargo.  He was responsible for the strategic integration of 140 offices.  He followed that as Corporate CEO of another successful financial institution / insurance brokerage combination.  

Whether it be improvement, acquisition, or disposition, Bob has the roadmap to help you achieve your ultimate goal.  

He can be reached direct at 916-719-8270.